Your secret to e-commerce success.

Hello, I’m Wesley Upchurch and I am your secret to success online. I am a digital marketing professional, with clients that range from individuals to large companies. I’m probably, best known for my online public relations and reputation management skills, but I’m involved in quite a few projects. Though I do work for a variety of industries, I usually work in specific niches. My portfolio for web design projects at manufacturing companies is extensive, as is my experience in family entertainment centers such as arcades and bowling alleys. Most of my work today involves social media marketing and content creation for clients providing legal services, reputation management, or in the education sectors. I’m passionate about helping underserved people, particularly people with criminal records.

My main company,, works to remove online criminal history information and restore the reputation of professional clients. The other site I’m actively involved in is, which provides resources to prisoner’s and their families. Lastly, I’m currently developing an online college with the mission of making college affordable to the masses.

Website Design and Development

I’m an experienced professional with more than 100 websites and applications to my credit. Many are used by top manufacturing and wholesale suppliers in a wide range of industries.

Internet Marketing

SEO, SEM, PPC. Whatever your strategy, I can help you manage it. Rank at the top of the search engines, connect with your customers, and reach new ones.

Content Management

Writing quality content that benefits businesses and managing it’s release through content management systems is standard practice.

Paralegal skills

Available to assist with legal research and writing. Also, developing solutions for lawyers to reach the right clients and systems for clients to find the right lawyer. Justice matters to me. Liberty matters more.

”Nothing significant happens when you stay in your comfort zone.”