Hi, I’m Wesley Upchurch. I’m a father of two boys, a tech geek, and a nature lover. I love watching death-defying circus arts, playing pinball, and volunteering at haunted attractions as a scare actor. I love traveling to exotic places where I can try interesting new cuisine, exploring caves, dancing at raves, and figuring out how stage illusions are performed.

I play the Pokemon Trading Card Game with my son, competing against thousands of other players at regional championships and city cups. It’s a hobby I’m passionate about and brings me closer to my son as we work to develop winning strategies and combinations.

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I do the same thing in my professional life; I develop strategies that work. If you’re reading this, that’s probably why you are here. I’m on a mission to make the web a more useful and more beautiful place. I work with companies that want to ensure that customers can find their products and services when they need them. We make ordering easier and communication better.

Whether you need someone to manage your web design project or develop your internet marketing strategy, I’m your man. I have years of web design, development and internet marketing experience. I can put that to work for your organization.