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Inmate.Education A Prison Education Guide

One thing I am passionate about is Prison Education. I believe that our correctional system should be a place of corrections, not just punishment. We live in a society that expects there to be a transformation that happens when someone is sent away. But they often don't provide the tools for people to change. And it is a sad reality, but so many of our nations inmates are locked up for nonviolent crimes, many of them are there for completely victimless offenses. For those that are inspired to change and become better citizens, there are options. I believe in second chan

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One of my passions in life is helping other people achieve their dreams by improving their online image. For a while now, I've been working with a number of technical and business professionals who for one reason or another needed to start again with a clean slate. As someone who has been doing SEO and Social Media marketing for years, this is something that comes naturally for me. I build up brands online and help them connect with customers while maintaining a professional online image. For most people, reputation matters. They want to be the expert in their fields an

My Companies, Portfolio – Professional Biographies

I decided to launch an online site that features trustworthy information on our business leaders today. My goal is to showcase the people who've worked to make this place a great place to live. Though, I'm starting off with industry leading business executives and highlighting their professional accomplishments, I'll soon be adding sections for innovative scientists that are making breakthroughs in medicine, physics, and other areas. Eventually, I want to cover people in other culture defining areas, like the writers and artists that made an impact on society. It's alwa

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Infographic: How Education Helps Stop the Cycle of Incarceration

Above is an infographic showing that education helps stop the cycle of incarceration. After giving some facts on incarceration and reincarceration, the graphic explains visually how investment in prison education pays off. With each level of education, the recidivism rate drops significantly. For every dollar spent on education, four dollars are saved on reincarceration costs. This graphic was created by Wes Upchurch for Inmate.Education.