One thing I am passionate about is Prison Education. I believe that our correctional system should be a place of corrections, not just punishment. We live in a society that expects there to be a transformation that happens when someone is sent away. But they often don’t provide the tools for people to change. And it is a sad reality, but so many of our nations inmates are locked up for nonviolent crimes, many of them are there for completely victimless offenses. For those that are inspired to change and become better citizens, there are options.

I believe in second chances. I believe people can change. And I believe that education should be accessible to everyone. It is with these convictions that I launched, as a resource for prisoners and their families. Without access to information, many prisoners don’t even know that there are options for them to better themselves while they are away. And as a society we expect those that are released to live as honest, productive members of society. But without the tools and skills to do that, how can they? is designed to help prisoner’s loved ones find programs that fit their needs and to serve as a source of news information regarding prison education programs.

Did you know that some who finishes a degree while incarcerated is far less likely to return to prison than someone who never has that opportunity? This country has staggering re-incarceration rates. But education can change that. It’s the only proven way to stop the cycle of incarceration. And it’s benefits extend to society. It costs far less to provide education for someone behind bars than it does to rearrest them and keep them there. This is my way of making some impact on the problem of prison overcrowding. Education provides hope.

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