I decided to launch an online site that features trustworthy information on our business leaders today. My goal is to showcase the people who’ve worked to make this place a great place to live. Though, I’m starting off with industry leading business executives and highlighting their professional accomplishments, I’ll soon be adding sections for innovative scientists that are making breakthroughs in medicine, physics, and other areas. Eventually, I want to cover people in other culture defining areas, like the writers and artists that made an impact on society.

It’s always an incredible experience to meet people that see the world a little differently. The melting pot of cultures and people that make America the unique place it is has always fascinated me. Regardless of our worldviews, religion, or personal interests these stories remind us that one person really can make a difference. So, biography.vip is my attempt at celebrating the great visionaries of today. It’s look into the lives of our movers, shakers, and producers. Although, we may admire their work, our reporting on these extraordinary individuals isn’t always flattering. It attempts to be honest. Because even in one’s struggles, there is something to be learned.

No man is perfect. But we can all become someone.

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